The Power of a Coffee Shop- Even in Real Estate

November 16, 2020

What do you picture when you think of a coffee shop or co-working cafe? Do you first imagine the sensory feelings of the taste or smell of the environment? Is it the upbeat and positive atmosphere? Whether it comes to you first or you do not initially think of it, it all goes back to the experience. I am sure everyone has had a unique experience in a coffee shop that seems unforgettable. It may simply be a barista that seems to brighten your day every time you step into line or it could be the moments you are able to connect with friends at your favorite local coffee shop. Whatever the memory is, it is powerful. I will share how coffee shops have impacted our business, but it goes beyond just the business level.


Not only do we still seem to form relationships with partners, contractors, and more in coffee shops, a coffee shop is exactly where our business truly started. LIV Indy, a boutique, tech-forward, real estate firm, located in Indianapolis was co-founded in a coffee shop located in Broad Ripple, IN. Hubbard and Cravens is a cozy coffee spot that everyone in Indy should check out! It started with a simple conversation about a certain deal and has transformed over the last 3 years to a company growing in nearly every aspect of business. Where did your unique company story begin?

A well-known business author and leader, Bob Burg, emphasized the importance of business relationships when he said, “People will do business with and refer business to people they know, trust, and like.” A coffee shop can represent a place where people seem to innovate, create, and transform relationships that drive any business, even real estate.  


There aren’t too many places that can inspire innovation and collaboration like a coffee shop can. Conference centers in hotels, co-working spaces, and restaurants are all great options- But a coffee shop seems to offer something different. It is that feeling of community and sense of belonging that seems to be so attractive for individuals and businesses. Another one of LIV Indy’s favorite coffee stops is Gold Leaf. Broad Ripple is a community of innovation and inspiration, which is what Gold Leaf exemplifies! This place seems to be a second “home” for several of our meetings and relationships. 

From a start up property management company to a well-known brokerage, coffee shops all around the globe seem to offer the 3 C’s. Connection, creativity, and concentration. Where does the LIV Indy team go when they need to focus on strategy and build on creative processes? A coffee shop. Where does the LIV Indy team go when they are first building relationships or meeting with a seasoned client? A coffee shop. Where does… I think you get the overarching theme now. Our team has hired employees in a coffee shop, shaped the core business model, and formed countless relationships from general contractors to investor clients. It is something about that community feel and collaboration that not only inspires people to innovate, but inspires people to connect. Networking is crucial in every aspect of real estate and coffee shops are one of the best resources to do just that.

A few other coffee shops to check out in SoBro and surrounding areas:

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LIV Indy

LIV Indy