Spring Cleaning Hacks

April 26, 2018

LIV Theory – Nobody enjoys Spring Cleaning because if they did, they would do it all year round (*cough, cough* – Monica Gellar), thus defeating the purpose of a Spring Clean…

Since we’ve determined everyone hates Spring Cleaning, here’s some quick tips to get your house looking sparkly clean in no time –


The Stainless Steel Sink –

Stainless steel is super ‘in’ right now. But stainless steel sinks can be pretty tricky to keep shiny and bright. The fix is simple – wet the sink, sprinkle some baking soda in the sink and scrub with a sponge!

LIV Tip – If the buildup is extra tough, add a little salt to the baking soda.


The Microwave –

Have you ever avoided using your microwave because it was so dirty & smelled so funky? Yeah, us too. Let’s solve that problem – squeeze a whole lemon into a ½ cup of water. Add the lemon peels to the concoction and microwave for 3 minutes. After microwaving, let it sit for an additional 5 minutes, then scrub the microwave clean! The lemon will loosen tough food buildup and leave it smelling lemon-y fresh!


The Grill –

BBQ season is upon us! But first, you should clean the grill… Spray some white vinegar on the grill to release the residue, then rub with an onion! We’ve also heard this works with a potato. Pick your poison.


The TV/Computer –

Do you have fingerprints on your screens? No worries. Use a coffee filter to rub away smudges, dust & fingerprints.

The Upholster-

Those random letters on the tag of your couch mean something. Here’s the key –

Upholstery Cleaning Labels:
W: Use water-based cleaning solutions.
S: Use dry-cleaning solvents. Do not saturate. Do not use water.
S-W: Use water-based cleaners or dry-cleaning solvents.
X: Use a vacuum or brush only.


The Pet Hair –

Love your dog, but hate the way he sheds his winter coat every spring? The hair is easily picked up by using a rubber window squeegee.


The Clothing Stains –

This is a good one all year round. Mix two-parts milk and one-part white vinegar. Soak your stained clothes overnight and wash like normal.

LIV Tip – If the stain didn’t lift, don’t put it in the dryer. If you dry the clothing before the stain is out, the stain will set and most likely be permeant.


The Toilet –

This will blow your mind – All you must do to clean your toilet is pour a pack of Kool-Aid into the bowl before going to bed. Flush it the next morning and ta-da!

LIV Tip – Don’t have any Kool-Aid? Use Coke or Pepsi.


The Glass –

Glass has oils on its surface, so when you use a paper towel, it tends to spread that oil around. Instead, use a newspaper mixed with an alcohol solution to clean windows & mirrors.


The Air Vents –

Wrap a butter knife in an old t-shirt and wipe the vents clean. This will remove dust and buildup. THEN, wax the vents with car wax. This will keep them clean longer and help air pass through them better.


The Bathtub –

Save this one for last, because it involves alcohol. Spray vodka on the grime in your bathtub or shower. Let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe away with a sponge. Then, pour yourself a vodka soda and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

LIV Indy

LIV Indy