Indy’s Top 5 Ice Cream Shops

June 14, 2018


Summer is finally here, and with it has come outdoor fun, festivals, and (sometimes) sweltering heat. While summer in Indy has no shortage of high temps, it also has no shortage of ways to keep you cool. One of the best ways to chill out includes Indy’s plethora of ice cream shops that inhabit the city’s many eclectic neighborhoods. Here are the top 5 local ice cream shops you should visit to help beat the summer heat.


This local spot is located right in the sweet spot of Broad Ripple, just off the main drag and nestled right along the Monon Trail. A popular place for bikers, trail-goers, and ice cream enthusiasts alike, BRIC’s boasts over 20 flavors for scoops, shakes, and malts, as well as a mouth-watering list of cold drinks to quench the palette. With an outdoor patio along the trail to boot, you can lounge with your favorite frozen treat right along the scenery of the Monon. What’s not to love?


If you believed the popsicle was just some ice and flavoring, be prepared for the good folks at Nicey to blow your mind. Made with all-natural ingredients, these ‘pop’ stars stick to the basics to create complex flavors guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Whether you fancy a strawberry mint, a tropical-tinged mango ginger, or just plain ol’ chocolate and vanilla, Nicey’s delicious, all-natural repertoire of popsicles offers something for everyone.

Sub Zero Ice Cream

While making ice cream isn’t rocket science, the amazing people over at Sub Zero have come pretty darn close. Founded by Jerry and Naomi Hancock, Jerry used hisbackground in chemistry to develop a unique method of ice cream creation: liquid nitrogen. With a patent in hand and a successful appearance on Shark Tank, the company subsequently grew to glacial proportions. With the Mass Ave neighborhood currently home to one of its several locations, we implore you to stop by and grab a scoop, and marvel as your ice cream comes to life before your very eyes.



Deeply secluded among the sprawling Circle City Industrial Complex, there lies a cold, delicious hidden gem. Enter into Suite C7B, and you will find the humble home of Lick. Here lies a true ice cream laboratory, where freshly made waffle cones are paired with one-of-a-kind ice cream creations not seen anywhere else. With a deliciously eclectic flavor catalogue ranging from Cedar & Whiskey to Spiced Chocolate Marshmallow, Lick reflects its off-the-beaten-path character by being a true pioneer of flavor. Next time you’re downtown, take a trip to the east side to experience it for yourself.


Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium

Rounding out our list is the wonderful family-owned shop that is Wyliepalooza. It’s famous for its “super premium” quality ice cream. Yes, that’s a thing, and boy, is it good. In order to be ranked “super premium”, the ice cream has to meet high standards of low air-to-cream ratios and have at least 14% butterfat, which adds to an insanely creamy texture and full-bodied taste that makes it several cuts above your average scoop. With over a whopping 100 flavors to choose from, Wyliepalooza offers an unparalleled range of supremely high-quality ice cream, and great customer service to boot. If you’re feeling boujee, or just want good ice cream, pay them a visit in the historic Irvington neighborhood on the east side of town. You won’t regret it!


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