7 Best Pizza Places in Broad Ripple

April 1, 2018


Whether you’re new to the area or just looking for a refresh, we’ve got the pizza power ranking for you!


7. Th3e Wise Men

Starting off our Pizza Power Ranking at #7 is Thr3e Wise Men. Scott Wise, creator of Scotty’s Brewhouse/Lakehouse/Doghouse/etc., is the mastermind behind Thr3e Wise Men. It made the list, not only for its pizza, but for its many other great attributes. Located right on Broad Ripple Avenue, this restaurant is walking distance from quite a few of our LIV properties. They also offer growlers for anyone who wants to take home some of their freshly brewed beer (We recommend the Snow Bunny). The outdoor seating makes for great people watching on the strip and the monon trail. Parking can be tricky, so we recommend walking!

6. Bazbaeux

As our co-founder, Matt Speer, would say, Bazbaeux is the Butler hotspot in Broad Ripple. Not because it’s everyone’s favorite pizza joint, but because it’s automatically the go-to for first dates or where you take your parents when they come to town. Their unique, specialty pizzas are a bit more pricey, but if the parents are paying, why not, right?! The atmosphere is laid back, yet mature; and the pizza is great for anyone looking for a more gourmet slice.

5. BeBop

BeBop is a small, hole-in-the-wall joint on College and 54th. Their 8 inch pie is perfect for one person, so you don’t have to worry about crazy amounts of leftovers Perfect for a Game of Thrones binge night because they deliver straight to your door.

4. The Nook

The Nook is literally a cozy hole in the wall. With about 8 tables and dim lighting, this place is perfect for a cozy Saturday night. The menu is smaller, but you can’t go wrong with anything. They also have a great cocktail list, complete with local beers and wines for people looking for something a bit lighter. We love the Burrata Bolognese. Not just because it’s the first thing on the menu, but because it’s amazing.

3. Hot Box

Hot Box is that pizza place you don’t want to add to the list, but you just can’t not.. As far as delivery pizza goes in Broad Ripple, Hot Box is the king. Their minimal branding compliments their classic pizza style. Always, ALWAYS, order breadsticks with cheese & keep an eye out for their national breadstick day in October because free breadsticks. They get bonus points for staying open until the bars close.

2. Napolese

Napolese is arguably the

most authentic pizza in the area. It is part of the Patachou Inc. family, so it is a lovely dining experience with the freshest ingredients. Anything with the Focaccia will change your life & we recommend the Margharita because its pizza in its purest form. Also, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to be writing this on the internet for everyone to see, but they have a pretty cool speakeasy, if you’re just looking for an artfully made cocktail!

1. Goodfellas

And finally, the ring leader (and new comer) to the Broad Ripple pizza community. Four words can successfully explain Goodfellas pizza – Pizza-by-the-Slice! Goodfellas, most likely, achieved success at 3AM when some hungry bar-goer stumbled in expecting to buy a whole pizza, only to find out he could get a single slice and a breadstick. They’re open late, but you’ll crave it for every meal. This New York style pizza is everything you want it to be – Greesy, cheesey, giant AND CHEAP! And for the cherry on top, the entire menu is 50% off on Mondays.


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