4 Festive Fall Activities (You Must Do)

October 10, 2018

(Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte is optional)

Ahhhhh, fall is finally here. While September brought mostly hot and breezy days, October is about to shake things up. Fall is a special time of year, filled with brisk days, beautiful trees, and that special rustic feeling. So throw on your favorite fall vest, grab a hot cup of cider, and read on to see the top four things you should do this fall!


Visit Tuttle Orchards

Perhaps the most iconic apple orchard and pumpkin patch around, wander among the corn mazes, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches that make this place a fall staple. On a brisk fall afternoon, there’s no better way to spend your time than adopting your favorite pumpkin, sipping on some homemade apple cider, and finding your way through the corn maze. Perfect for families, Instagram-oriented millenial couples, and friend groups alike, it’s the peak time to go this season.


Jump Into a Leaf Pile

Whether you’re age six or sixty, nothing is more fun than taking a dive into a freshly raked pile of fallen leaves. Besides the trouble of raking, spending an afternoon with your friends or loved ones frolicking amongst those colorful, crunchy flakes is a must-do fall activity that is sure to end in hilarity and fun.


Carve a Pumpkin

Nothing gets you into the Halloween mood like giving everyone’s favorite orange squash a lobotomy. Picking a pumpkin is an important endeavor, so visit your favorite patch to pick the perfect one. Not only is the carving fun, but it’s essential to save the seeds to bake into a delicious fall snack! So grab some friends, a glass of Oktoberfest, and carve a jack-o-lantern that just might spook the neighbors!


Experience the Changing Trees

One of the best ways to enjoy all the beautiful color that erupts from the trees is to walk among them! Whether it’s your backyard or Eagle Creek State Park, find a place you can put on that favorite insulated down vest and knit cap, and walk through an opulent hall of orange, red, and yellow leaves. We personally recommend Eagle Creek State Park, as its lake-hugging path allows you to enjoy not just lots of pretty trees, but great views of waterfront area as well. It’s pretty breathtaking, and right in our backyard, so get out there and enjoy!


LIV Indy

LIV Indy