3 Indy Trails Every Hoosier Should Explore

June 20, 2018

I think we all can agree, going outside in the summer is way more fun than any other time of the year. While Indianapolis is certainly no Monaco or Malibu, we Hoosiers still crave a sense of adventure. Perfectly in line with that is the roster of great outdoor trails Naptown offers its classically Midwestern, mildly adventurous citizens. Here’s three of our favorites that you should definitely explore this summer!

White River State Park


First up is White River State Park. It’s pretty freaking gorgeous. Intertwined with the White River and Canal, paved walking and biking paths, an outdoor amphitheater and lots of open grass, its a 250-acre outdoor playground. You can even rent peddle boats too. Like, come on. You can’t beat it!


Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Next up, we have the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. This is a pristine eight mile paved trail that winds it way around downtown. It goes through a bunch of cool neighborhoods, including Mass Ave, and is surrounded by outdoor art, shops, restaurants, and even rental bikes along the way. It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon, and maybe stop somewhere to eat if you’re trying to get your chow on.


The Monon Rail Trail

Finally, enter the Monon Rail Trail. Put bluntly, it’s 7.6 miles of pure trailblazing bliss. Complete with deep forest-covered stretches, views of multiple rivers, and its connection to local neighborhoods and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the Monon makes for a truly unforgettable outdoor experience. Run, walk, bike, blade or take the dog for some exercise. It also runs through Broad Ripple, and is right next to BRIC’s ice cream shop. Luckily enough, LIV Indy is proud to have some of its available properties just steps from the Monon! To see which ones are near the trails, go ahead and visit our available properties page.



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